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What is Hot Toast?

Hot Toast Music Co. is the product of dad, educator and musician Symon Hajjar who writes irresistible kids’ music, all with purpose. Hajjar, or Mr. Symon as his students call him, draws inspiration from the way children often find magic in the mundane parts of life that are hidden in plain sight.  For Hajjar, Hot Toast is not just "kids music" but an opportunity for wide-eyed innovators of all ages to join in the fun of self-discovery and creativity. Hajjar's stellar songwriting skills bring an easiness to talking about difficult or serious topics with kids, as well as delighting in the pure joy children find in simply being silly. Songs are anchored with creative activities that combine the tactile with the message of each song, turning each song into an opportunity for discovery!


What is the Hot Toast Music Hour?

The Hot Toast experience is a child-centered, interactive concert packed with singing, dancing, and instruments! Mr. Symon leads children and parents in original songs often making up songs on the spot with input from the kids. Concert themes are adaptable to any occasion, whether you're throwing a birthday party, gathering friends to learn about dinosaurs, or just celebrating a beautiful summer day. Everyone gets to be part of the band with instrument making, drum circles, and many other hands-on, exploratory, and expressive activities.  Hot Toast is fun, meaningful music with a focus on social-emotional learning that's accessible to all.